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We are a vibrant, customer-focused steel frame home builder in Australia. We are a leading builder of steel framing, steel house framing, steel frame structures, steel frame homes, steel frame homes kits, custom steel frame houses, and prefabricated steel doors.

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Steel Framing

A Steel Frame Homes is a better for your Family

Steel frame homes are more long lasting and less likely to bend or warp than timber. Straight walls mean your steel home always looks great and requires low maintenance-saving your money and time for many years. And if you don’t want to live in it forever, our steel frame ensures your home stays in perfect condition for longer, helping you maximize your investment if you sell.

Better for the environment, every standard home has a BLUESCOPE or a TRUECORE steel frame built from 100% recyclable steel in our Melbourne plant. And remember, steel doesn’t need to be treated with toxic chemicals against pests and fire, so your VK Steel Frame Home is safe for your lovely family to live in.

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Steel Frame Home Melbourne Manufacturer

For more than a decade we have used our own stage-of-the-art facility in Melbourne to match the precise requirements of clients in the property and construction industries.

Our talented and trusted team can both fabricate and erect the custom crafted steel frames your project requires. This work is undertaken both on-site.

This is why lightweight steel has never been a more popular choice. Compared to the problems with traditional wood, with its potential for warping and bowing.

Our in-house fabrication facility, based in Craigieburn, has built a reputation for unmatched workmanship and swift results. This is a key reason, we believe.

Having a swift-to-act supplier of prefab frames can be vitally important when time is tight and speed is of the essence. Knowing that our company is trusted to deliver.

Choosing VK Steel Frame Homes to match your facade steel frame needs is an equally wise choice. Using local knowledge and unmatched expertise.

Steel Frame Kit Homes Melbourne

Steel Framing

Steel Frame Builders In Melbourne and Perth

Are you searching for the best Steel framing in Melbourne and Perth Australia? VK Steel frame homes provide versatile steel frame solutions for both residential and commercial structures. We have many years of Industry expertise and are one of the leading steel framing builders. We provide the right services when customers and clients require structural beams and structural steel design. Our Steel frame homes services were created to offer the maximum strength and durability needed for large- scale construction projects.

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Steel Framing Home

Why Steel Frame is Best

There are many ways in which steel frame offers many advantages relative to other building metal materials.

Steel framing represents the future for all facets of the building, so it is best to start the transition now.

  • Fast-track your construction.
  • Better value for money.
  • More robust and ductile
  • Reduced construction weight.
  • Advanced architectural expression.
  • Configuration accuracy and adaptability.
  • Eliminates waste and mess on-site.
  • Lightweight and accurate assembly.
  • Far more durable than other materials.
  • More protect from heat and water damage
Steel Frame Homes Melbourne

The Most Valuable Advantages are


Steel frame homes are for the long haul. Building steel frame homes is an investment for future life. We at VK Steel Frame back it up with a structural warranty that your home stands the test of time.


Steel Frame can boast the highest strength-to-weight rate of any current residential building metal material. This means your steel frame house and its solid foundations can stand against stronger winds, fiercer storms, and even the occasional lightning strike.


Home-wrecking pests like termites, white ants, cockroaches whatever you say. They can be an absolute risk to many homes. Many wooden-framed homes suffer termite damage that isn’t covered by insurance and you have to repair this. And these repair costs are too much. Just let these tiny home-wrecking pests try and eat steel.


Steel Frame Home can be extremely valuable in defending your home against bushfires. Steel is non-flammable and retains its shape at very higher temperatures than timber (wood) can. Cap your home with a steel frame roof, which is best with a VK steel frame home


Our steel frames which are used in building homes are made from 100% recyclable BlueScope steel or True Core steel, surpassing best environmental practices.

Better than Timber

The steel frame is 70% lighter than timber. Our frames will not twist, rot, shrink, or become unstable like timber when moisture is on work. Our steel framing systems are very stable products, which are not subject to the variations of nature. Steel frame does not need any types of pests and hazard with toxic chemicals like some timber

Look no further than VK Steel Frame Homes. We specialise in steel framing, steel frame homes, and steel frame kit homes. We’re the leading steel frame builder in Melbourne and are here to help you find the perfect steel frame solution for your needs. Contact us today to get started!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is steel frame good for Home?

Yes, steel frame homes are an excellent option for those looking for a durable and long-lasting option. Our steel framing system is among the most advanced in Melbourne. and we have steel frame homes with high accuracy and maximum time efficiency.

Are steel frame homes better than wood?

Yes, steel frame homes better than wood. They are more robust and durable than wood frame homes and are also more resistant to fire and pests. Steel frame homes are also more energy efficient, as they better retain heat and cool air. Steel frame homes are less likely to be damaged by weather. Steel framing is also more fire resistant.

Do steel frame houses last?

Yes, steel frame houses can last a long for many years. Our steel framing system is the most advanced system available in Melbourne, and our engineering and software design integration allow us to produce high-quality homes built to last.


Here’s what some of our past clients have to say about us

VK Steel Frame Homes team are a great bunch to deal with. Both professional and innovative their lightweight steel engineered solutions suit almost any application within the building industry given the associated time and cost savings. Have dealt with the team many times and will continue to do so in the future. VK Steel Frame Homes

Joshua Clark

I have completed a few projects of late with the VK Steel Frame Homes and they have all ran extremely smoothly. My install teams have also been super impressed with this product being able to complete installs ahead of anticipated schedules saving them money. Thanks for help on the last few jobs and meeting our demanding timeframe!

Siobhan Adams

VK Steel Frame Homes was engaged during the conceptual design of the project to provide a lightweight, pre-fabricated, panelised framing solution to suit the unique logistical constraints of constructing a new building within an existing shell and a compressed construction time frame. VK Steel Frame Homes

Lisa Davis